Dear scenographers! Hello everyone.


In 2022, our team planned to hold a large-scale event dedicated to scenography and theater art, a kind of scenography forum, with the participation of international partners, with a laboratory, master classes.

This year turned out to be a year of extraordinary tectonic changes that began on the morning of February 24. So all plans, applications for grants, agreements on cooperation and locations turned out to be irrelevant. The reality of war creates a tone and a demand for other accents and formats in all aspects of life in general, and in art in particular.

We, like everyone, have to accept the new reality and adapt to it.

Today we decided to hold a forum in a completely different format, where the main thing is participation. Your feedback is important to us in order to outline the final format of the forum in 2022.

The main highlights of UAScenography 2022

Theater in shelter. Painful touches.

Changing reality and circumstances will be an important topic of the forum.

The vector of changes launched by the war is too painful, the process continues. We can try to approach the fixation of the period, the experience for the artist from the theater, as in the aspect of practical issues – the production of the performance, the possibility, or lack of possibility, to rehearse, and, ultimately, to play the performance, in own/someone else’s venues.

The changes affected absolutely everything and everyone. Repertory change, context adjustment, financial adjustment. Mobilization and volunteering of artists. Difficult waiting periods of uncertainty. Forced relocation abroad.

The forum will be held in the period from November 15, 2022 to November 30, 2022 on the premises of the Institute of Contemporary Art Problems of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine.

There are several options for participating in the event.

  1. Participation in the exhibition on the scheduled dates. You are in Ukraine, and you have the opportunity to deliver or send works for the exhibition yourself. Format of works – sketches, layouts, installations, video installations, etc.
  2. For artists who are outside of Ukraine, there is an opportunity to join the forum by sending a video recording of their experience of the current period.
  3. Online participation in the conference with the participation of our international partners. And the participation of each of you is really important to us!

Send your applications, specifying the option or options of participation that suit you! And the participation of each of you is really important to us!

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Project curators: Liliia Voloshyna (093-511-56-02), Anna Duhovychna (067-409-87-72), Serhii Vasylev.